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7 janvier 2008 1 07 /01 /janvier /2008 16:40
petitbleu.jpgVoici un commentaire rédigé par mon collègue Kevin à qui j'apprends le français. Il a lu avec succès son premier livre en français. J'essaierai par la suite de traduire ce texte afin que les non-anglophones puissent aussi profiter de son humour très british :-)

Auteur : Leo Lionni

Résumé en anglais : A very deep and emotional story portraying the strong bond between two friends.  This clever tale touches on the trials and tribulations of growing up and the consequences of our actions in the constant quest to determine right from wrong.  Anybody who has ever rebelled against any form of parental control will be able to relate to the plight of the main character as this book takes you through the intricate chain of events that result from him ignoring the wisdom of his mother. 
The writing style of the author is simple and yet it requires an open mind in order to fully comprehend the unusual way that they have decided to put across the feelings and emotions of the two main characters. 
As with all good stories this one has a happy ending and yet there still seems to be so much that is left untold about the characters that I can only assume has been intentionally done so as to lead into a sequel.


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